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Watching an animated film at a 3D theatre vs TV at home: Which one steals the show?

Ever wondered why watching an animation movie at a 3D theatre gives a more realistic feeling than watching it on the small screen at home? We tell you why.

Picture Credit: https://strongmdi.com/case-studies/premium-large-format-screens/

3D Theatres have round and big plain screens that nearly spread from one corner of the theatre to the other. This gives a more realistic approach to the animated movie. It makes you feel a part of the film and keeps you hooked to the screen. Whereas watching a 3D animated movie on TV screens at home lacks that realistic effect. Smaller screen size and limited pixel resolution of household televisions are major reasons behind this.

An integrated sound system in a 3D theatre wins over the regular sound system of a TV screen. No wonder Smart TVs are ruling the electronics market these days, yet the strong technical elements of a 3D theatre like vivid 12.1 channel 15,000-watt advanced speaker with a more extensive frequency reaction evolves as the superpower. Sound architects and sound designers who work behind the sound quality of animated and superhero movies contribute to a fantastic movie watching experience.

3D theatres give a higher projection quality as compared to the television screen at home. Use of a powerful laser light motor, twin 4K restrictive advanced projectors, and a higher film size contribute to the awe-inspiring image quality at the 3D theatre.

Picture Credits: https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/movie-news/are-3d-movies-over-104151/

Most animated movies experience a Digital Re-mastering or DMR which transforms a regular film into an unbelievable animated film with upgraded pictures and sounds to make a realistic atmosphere. Audience experience at 3D cinema hall is made more imaginarily and detailed in an animated movie than regular movies. Though watching a movie at home is always relaxing and economical. But, more realistic views leave a higher impact. This can only be felt only in 3D theatres while watching 3D or superhero movies that are high in special effects.



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