A series of online masterclasses arranged by MAAC to train students on latest industry tools and software. These masterclasses help students to work in animation, VFX, and gaming studios.

Student Enquiry

MAACINAR is an initiative by MAAC where Master Classes are delivered by renowned industry experts from the animation and VFX industry. 

The master classes are planned to highlight latest animation tools and techniques, curriculum trends, and career opportunities in the industry. 
Animation and VFX industry is constantly evolving. MAAC master classes assist students to keep themselves updated with the changing trends of the industry. 


Industry Testimonials

Here’s what industry professionals have to say about their journey with MAAC

Vinod More

Matte Painting and Concept Artist

I would like to say a big thank You to the MAAC team for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. It felt great to share my knowledge and experience with the upcoming professionals in the VFX industry. This digital initiative has helped me address the maximum number of students who wish to hone their career in this industry. Kudos to the masterminds of MAACINAAR. The execution of this initiative is truly commendable.

Kishore Singh

Creative Art Director, GLU Studios

It is a pleasure for me to interact with the MAAC students through the wonderful platform of MAACINAR. I am equally excited as you are, for sharing my knowledge with you all.

Students’ Testimonials

Anmol kumar

MAAC Student

It is a pleasure surprise from MAAC, for students to meet them or connect with Industry people and interact with and get learn directly from industry EXPERTs ,MAACINAR is the best platform to know about our industry and I really want to part of this .

Sarthak Chugh

MAAC Student

MAACINAR is the platform for the students who want to make their career with the advanced diploma in 3d animation or VFX students. For those who want to learn with professionals. It will also be beneficial as the students will be given professional work. It will beneficial because the students who will get jobs after completing their diploma will have experience how to work in different software's in short time and in an organized way.

Ashima Agarwal

MAAC Student

MAACINAR is an exceptionally great initiative. It's great that they are providing us knowledge from inside and outside the classroom by facilities and professionals out there. MAACINAR is a great platform where we can polish our skills. We are fortunate that we can directly contact with the experts and clear our problems/doubts without any intervention.

Sneha Budhiraja

MAAC Student

Well gonna be new experience for me so too excited to attend this session as am keen to learn new innovative ideas and new techniques. Also hugely exited to meet industry specialists, listen to their experiences to get answers to my questions and to find a way to my dreams.

Shraddha Srivastav

MAAC Student

According to me, MAACINAR is an amazing opportunity for us to gather more knowledge about how do professionals handle the projects. MAACINAR will be helping us to learn to be more professional. I am happy to join MAACINAR.