100 Hours - Race against Time

100 hours - Creative Marathon is a filmmaking competition at MAAC where students have to create a 20-25 seconds short 3D animated films and 1 Minute Mobile Films in a time span of 100 hours (4.2 days) at a stretch. In this competition, students create teams and compete with each other at inter-centre and zonal levels.

This educational event is a simulation of what the real industry feels like. It helps them understand how a Studio Production Pipeline is to be managed within strict timelines.

Student Enquiry

By participating in 100 Hours students get to witness a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience of working towards an output of an animated short film. They get expert guidance from mentors during the filmmaking process.

100 Hours gives our students an exclusive opportunity to work with various software and seamlessly integrate those to achieve the desired results. The competition also gives hands-on experience of working in a professional studio-like environment.





Benefits of participating in 100 Hours – Creative Marathon

  • Exposure to a professional working environment.
  • Chance to work in teams in a competitive environment.
  • Understand the importance of time management and production management.
  • Access to a steep learning curve.
  • Exposure to 3D filmmaking process starting from scripting to screening.
  • Opportunity to implement the learning of software usage beyond classrooms.
  • Understand animation production workflow.
  • Receive timely guidance from experts.
  • Attend master classes before the start of the event. 
  • All the learnings are achieved in a period of 100 hours (4.2 days only).
  • Receive gratification after successfully completing the designated projects. 

100 Hours - 2023

It was indeed Race Against Time at 100 Hours 2023

One platform, multiple subjects, and a plethora of magnificent artworks - this defines MAAC 100 Hours. The 2023 edition of MAAC 100 hours once again allowed our students to work in groups, showcase their skill sets, and create magic within 100 hours. This year, we have introduced a new category called Minute Mobile Filmmaking. Participants were asked to create 1 Minute Mobile Films in a span of 100 hours at a stretch. They got hands-on experience of the various stages involved in Mobile Filmmaking. 

This challenge aims to help our students understand the simulation of what the industry feels like. Our students not only got the opportunity to interact with experts and work in a production-like environment. They also received technical orientation from our team of expert mentors on the two categories, Mobile Filmmaking and 3D Animation.


100 Hours - 2022

Creativity took centre stage as students worked on the theme Road Safety

​​​Under this theme, every participating team was given a pre-production package. One complete 3D Asset Character was provided to each team as per the provided pre-production. Each team worked closely under the supervision of the faculty members.

A team of experts was assigned to the MAAC centres to supervise the work of the participants. They got the opportunity to directly interact with the experts and resolve their queries in real-time. The theme ‘Road Safety’ was a very unique theme. Therefore, for participants to understand the nuances of creating an animated film under this theme, they were provided with a technical orientation


Behind the Scenes at 100 Hours Creative Marathon 2022