Animation & multimedia courses after 12th

Best Animation and multimedia courses to pursue after class 12

There is no dearth of opportunities for creative minds and artistic individuals. With lots of professional courses coming up, those with a fascination for non-academic courses are also getting an opportunity to pursue various programs of their choice. One such area of study is animation and multimedia, which goes beyond books and involves a huge volume of practical exercises, field trips, and workshops.
Joining the right course after class 12 can reward you with a promising career. And jobs in the animation and multimedia industry are now available in plenty. So, those with a creative mind and artistic skills can join animation or multimedia courses like 3D Animation course or graphic design courses and explore various career opportunities in this field. Some of the most in-demand animation and multimedia courses to join after class 12 are:

1. Animation and filmmaking course: This is one of the most in-demand 3D animation courses that teach you the entire process of live-action filmmaking. The course curriculum includes topics like cinematography, stop-motion animation, sound editing, digital design etc. Those who pursue the Animation and Filmmaking course can get to work as an animator, modelling artist, or digital designer. Today’s 3D Animation course curriculum is more dynamic and industry-oriented. It, therefore, gives you the opportunity to work on industry-specific animation tools and software and helps you get a glimpse of an animation studio and film production house.

3D animation courses
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2. Program in 3D Animation filmmaking: 3D Animation courses are designed for both fresher and professional animators. Those with prior knowledge of 3D Animation can pursue this course to hone their existing skills and learn new animation tools and techniques. The course curriculum includes the creative aspects of filmmaking like storyboarding, pre-production, and character animation. After completing a course in 3D Animation Filmmaking, you can work as a 3D Modelling Artist, Character Animator or Texture Artist in animation studios or production houses in India and abroad.

3. Animation: A basic course in animation generally covers the fundamentals of animation. It also includes topics like character animation, basic performance animation, and advanced performance animation. If you are excellent at drawing and visualisation, then a course in animation is an ideal pick for you. The course will help you hone your skills while training you on industry-oriented software like Maya.

Graphic design courses
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4. Program in Graphics and Animation: This is an exclusive course for aspiring animators and graphic designers who want to champion topics like Graphic Design, Page Layout Design, and, Interactive 3D Animation. If you are fond of art and want to express your creative thoughts through drawing and designing, then this course is the right pick for you. Interestingly, multimedia and graphic design courses can also be pursued online. All you need is a laptop or computer, internet connection, and enrol yourself in a reputed media and animation institute for a course in graphics and animation. By getting the right training on animation software and studying the latest subjects, you can become a successful graphic designer, 3D Artist, or Video Editor.

5. Advanced Program in Digital Media and Design: This is one of the best multimedia and 3D Animation courses that is designed for future animators and graphic designers. This is a holistic course that trains you on various aspects of digital media and design like augmented reality, digital publication, graphic design, web animation, and responsive web design.

These are some of the most sought-after courses in animation and multimedia that can be pursued after completing class 12. You can also study multimedia courses online and make way for a prospective career in the film and animation industry.


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