How to choose an animation school

The animation industry today is one of the most promising job providers. Creative individuals are always working hard to make a mark in this industry. And it is not so difficult. Along with hard work & talent, all you need is the right training from a reputed institute.

There are a plethora of institutes that offer animation courses, starting from short term courses to full time diplomas & degrees. But what to look for when selecting an animation institute? Which institute is right for you? In this post, we will tell you the top five criteria for selecting an animation institute.

Criteria #1: Know what to look for

Before you join a course, it is important to know what the institute offers. It is a no-brainer that you must have visualisation skills to make it in this business. But will the institute help you hone your skills? Or will they leave you to your own devices & simply focus on the technical aspects of the job? Know your strengths & weaknesses, and find out if the institute will help you in covering your weakness & market your strengths.

Criteria #2: Institute’s track record

This is probably the most important aspect to find the right animation school. It is crucial to research the college or institute. Read online reviews & check the credentials as it gives a clear vision about the reputation of the college. If possible, talk to alumni & get to know about their experience.

Criteria #3: What is the USP?

What makes the college stand out in the crowd? It is important to look at the unique features offered by the institute. Some colleges may have better infrastructure while others may boast of cutting-edge software. In addition, some institutes now also offer personality development & communication classes. You need to know which courses will benefit you the. Don’t hesitate to visit the institute personally to get a first-hand experience of what your student life will look like.

Criteria #4: Experienced faculty

No matter where you go, the quality of your education mainly depends on faculty members. It is they who will impart the required skills. Choose a college that employs well-educated, trained & experienced teachers. Best is to visit the institute & talk to the teachers. This will give you the much required confidence to make the right choice.

Criteria #5: Where are the placements?

You are investing time, money & effort to build a successful career in the industry. That is why it is important to know about job placement facilities provided by the institute. Check their website to know about the companies & studios where their students are employed. Make sure to read/ watch student testimonials to know about placement support.

Joining the right institute can seem like a small thing in the big scheme of things. But this one step can make or break your career. Make sure you make the right choice.


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