5 top job opportunities for a visual designer

As the name suggests, visual designers are hired by all kinds of companies that require visual communication. It could be an ad agency or a corporate company. If there is need for visual design communication, then there is a job opportunity. We look at some job industries that typically hire a visual designer.

Advertising agencies

Visual designer

Visual designers are responsible for product design & advertisements for labels, websites, and billboards. A visual designer has to create eye-catching advertisements, and should be updated about latest software & developments.

Multimedia artist

Visual designer

A multimedia artist performs the same task as a visual designer. He/ she specialises in special effects across all mediums like television, movies, games, and video. With the use of specialised computer software, the artists design sketches of scenes, images and animation.

Video game developers

 Visual designer

Working at a video game company is considered a treat for most designers. Video game companies hire visual designers to create the graphics for the games they are working on.

Editorial design

 Visual designer

The print & publishing industry hire visual designers to create eye-catching & interesting layouts for magazines, newspapers & brochures. These designers, with editorial design skills, work in collaboration with editors & photographers to create a specific look & feel of the final layout.

Art director

 Visual designer

This position is a senior-level job. It involves both designing and coordinating with various teams to achieve the final visual output. An art director helps create a concept or a theme to work with, and ensures fixed time lines & budget for the project. He/ she has the last call on the output as per the client brief.


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