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Scopes and career opportunities in the gaming industry

You can come from different types of career backgrounds and still get to work in the gaming industry. Even if you have a specialised degree in the fields of music, art, and science, you can too make a career in gaming. However, you need to be aware of the fact that gaming industry is a very challenging one and it demands extensive work hours, meeting tough deadlines, and putting your skills to test every now and then.

India has now big gaming development centres like UbiSoft, Microsoft, Nvidia and Electronic arts. In the foreseeable future, jobs in a gaming sector would be booming in India. And with a boom in jobs, there will be a significant boom in the demand for gaming courses. There are standard positions and narrowed down specialisations in the gaming industry. Below mentioned are some of the best jobs gaming industry.


Elements of Animation are widely used in video games. Big teams of game animators consist of illustrators, concept artist, painters, modellers and riggers each with different roles and responsibilities. The role of game animators is to combine art and technology to create interactive animated gaming environments, characters, and their movements for video games.

Game designer:

It is the most desired job one can have in the gaming industry. Apart from working on the completion of a game concept regarding levels, instructions, characters and environments, designers also maintain or invent game ideas. Different gaming studios offer different types of designations to game designers, like team leader, designing expert, designing managers etc. Once skilled enough, you can work as a freelancer too.

Game programmer/Lead:

Programmers do all the coding, one of the most time consuming and complex jobs in this field. They work with game, art and sound designers to ensure that the coding is in sync with the rest. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering is one of the most preferred courses by game programmers.

Game programmers courses in India
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QA tester:

One of the most in-demand job requires you to have sound knowledge regarding programming languages, defect management tools and database management systems. There’s ample of opportunities to avail, and credit goes to the never ending new software developments and applications. The primary task of a QA tester is to check for new software launches, like those for tablets, gaming consoles and mobile apps.

Game tester:

Unlike in QA testing where you have to work with automation scripts, game testing is strictly about gaming and not software. It may seem like the dream job of any enthusiastic gamer, to sit with a cup of tea and play games all day but this job is more than that. A game tester identifies a game performance, compatibility, user experience and certification of standard tests which requires running up the game endless number of times.

Jobs in gaming
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Sound engineer:

Remember how pumped up you felt while playing Battlefield? The war like ambiance noise, the piercing of bullet sounds? Sound designers are required to add dynamics to the game and make it more exciting. Apart from that, they are in charge of everything you hear, from the sound effect of the menu option to the music in the end credits. If you are passionate about music and have a sound knowledge of engineering, then this is the right pick for you.

It’s best to be well versed with a considerable range of skills because the industry requires you to be able to wear different hats and communicate with different people. Collaboration and versatility is the key to earn a demanding spot in this competitive and dynamic gaming industry.

A need to understand the visual aesthetics is also very important. It’s not just the technical knowledge that makes you a game designer.



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