Five movies that could not have been made without VFX

Visual effects form an integral part of production process of any movie today. Whether it is a cutting edge science fiction, or a simple romantic comedy, the art of visual effects are put to use in all movies. But sometimes the work is so good that it is almost impossible to make out the difference. A good VFX work creates the illusion that the movie was shot in reality. But it is actually the effort of the visual effects team that brings the film to life. Today we look at top five Bollywood hits that may never have been made if visual effects had not been invented.

Chennai Express

SRK’s hit romantic comedy has nothing to do with the Indian Railways but everything to do with the Red Chillies VFX team. It is easy to assume that the production was filled with outdoor shoots, with repeated sequences in trains. But the train never left the station. That’s right! The movie was mostly shot indoors in a closed studio, after which the visual effects team took over to complete the shots. A train compartment was modeled inside the studio & actors were made to stand behind green screen until the take was fine. Later the VFX team took over to apply the backgrounds & other effects.

Source: animation boss


Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

At first glance, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is nothing more than the touching biography of a sports star. There appears to be no place for visual effects in such a movie. But the movie would not have been possible without a dedicated visual effects team to back it up. A lot of key scenes like Farhan Akhtar receiving awards from the minister to the crowds in the stadium were all due to the VFX team.


Yes, we do agree that Salman Khan is a star. But not all his stunts are original. His action packed entertainer was heavily dependent on the visual effects team, be it his stunts with the pistol or stadium filled with fans.

Om Shanti Om

Good VFX can bring back the dead, literally! Om Shanti Om made headlines because of Deepika Padukone’s hit song with stars from the yesteryears. But this visualisation would not have been possible without the Red Chillies VFX team. A lot of other, seemingly regular scenes, like the one where Shahrukh saves Deepika from fire, were also created with the help of visual effects.

Source: Ahwani Vardhineni


This action movie looks like another Salman flick. But the production process involved many scenes that were created by Futureworks, one of the leading visual effects companies in Bollywood.

Source: FutureWorks


Bollywood has come a long way in its utilisation of visual effects. This makes it easy to shoot difficult scenes at a lower budget & without putting anyone’s life at risk, be it the actors or the stunt doubles. Do you know of any other movies that have VFX silently working in the background? Let us know in the comments section below.


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