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Ready, Set, Shoot! 5 top careers in the broadcast industry

Have you ever wondered what it would take to become a part of those amazing wildlife documentaries, superhero movies, and animated videos or even your regular 9 pm news broadcast? A slew of professionals in the media industry shape every aspect of the research, direction and production, to help produce a fine, neat, and error-free final product for the viewer’s enjoyment. The broadcast industry is booming like a shooting star. Considering the growing nature of the media landscape, you too can become part of this exciting, professional network by choosing one of the following top careers in the broadcast industry:

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers perform the creative function of mixing colours, textures, designs and logos so that an idea may be fully represented. Good artistic ability and visualisation are important traits for becoming a successful graphic designer. Often times, graphic designers go on to become art directors who manage a team of creative heads and have good knowledge of design software. Graphic designers in the broadcast industry are generally responsible for producing graphical representation of special events and news programs. They are also the ones who produce graphics for advertisements, motion pictures, and animated films. Graphic artists in the broadcast industry generally work with 3D design elements. They must be pro in understanding the use of colour, space, audio, text, and composition in a films, videos, news programs, and advertisements.

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Video Editor

The polished videos that we see on our screens are often not produced like that in their original form. The videos exist as raw footage, whose various components need editing. Video editors perform this critical function of editing the footage from scratch and transform basic videos into fantastic products so that we enjoy viewing.

A video editor must be a creative person with hands-on experience of video editing software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. He must pay attention to detail and have knowledge of media production units. The profile of online video editor is one of the top trending job profiles in the broadcast industry. If you have an eye for detail and you love to play with video editing software, then you can make a successful career as an online video editor in the broadcast industry.

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Sound Engineer

There is an art to record sound. Sound plays a fundamental part in the production of any video. This is why sound engineers play a key role in the broadcast industry. The job of a sound engineer involves recording and mixing sound files that have often been shot in different locations, both indoor and outdoor. A certain degree of technical expertise in managing advanced and sensitive sound equipment is a requirement for this profile.

Documentary Producer

Be it a short animated documentary or a feature documentary with real-life characters, a documentary producer is behind his or her documentary all the way from the initial steps of conceptualisation to pre-production, production, and post production. A documentary producer attends every shoot and remains on toes till the documentary is marketed and released for public viewing.

A documentary producer needs to co-ordinate with art directors, actors, sound directors, photographers, lighting artists, and videographers for the making of the documentary. He must have a good understanding of the work done by all the other players in the production of the documentary.

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Video Journalist

This is one of the top careers in the broadcast industry that has been trending since the long-gone era. The era of Doordarshan still echoes and the video journalists of Doordarshan news were our source of inspiration to enter the glamourous broadcast industry.

Apart from anchors, every good news feed requires journalists to travel to locations and provide an ‘on-ground’ report. Video journalists often interview affected people and record high-impact situations as they unfold. They need to be empathetic and understanding, while at the same time, thinking on their feet. Their lives revolve around the OB van and their only mission is to deliver the right news to thousands of people through the medium at the right time. The job of a video journalist is challenging, but at the same time is rewarding.

While these are some top careers in the broadcast industry for you to choose from, the options remain endless. You may also want to pursue other careers such as writer, social media strategist, anchor, voiceover artist, animator, VFX artist, art director and many more. So what are you waiting for, get ready to shoot!


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