Career in filmmaking

A successful career in filmmaking: Courses, job opportunities, and success

Do you consider yourself a storyteller? Are you passionate about the filmmaking processes? Do you have a list of your favourite filmmakers you’d like to work with? Do you dream of being part of a filmmaking process, web series or even an advertisement? If your answer is ‘yes’ to all or any of these questions, then you can make a plan to have a career in filmmaking. Additionally, the rising popularity of OTT media services has been instrumental in further increasing the scope of jobs in film industry. So, if you are looking for jobs in film industry, read this quick guide that covers the basics you need to know about the filmmaking industry.

Courses galore

You can opt for a 3D Animation course and learn about cinematography, editing, stop-motion animation and character animation. You can even consider courses in digital photography, visual effects and graphic designing, which are equally interesting and important to the filmmaking processes. However, the digital filmmaking course is one course that you should definitely consider pursuing as it will widen your avenues in the film industry.

Take a look at filmmaking courses at MAAC, which you pursue from the confines of your home. MAAC filmmaking courses are also available online, which will enable you to enrol and study from home. You will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. You can connect with your nearest MAAC centre to get all the details about the course you wish to pursue. The minimum eligibility to join these courses is class 12th pass.

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Job opportunities

Film industry has a host of job options. You can explore commercial as well as creative and artistic opportunities. The key is to identify your style and move towards it. What suits you? What kind of role you see yourself doing? Do you like short films or music, blockbuster films or documentaries? Once you find out the answers to these questions, your journey in filmmaking gets easier.

Production designers, screenwriters, scriptwriters, cinematographers, film directors, producers, and film editors are some of the job roles available in this industry.

Pay Structure

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Many elements come into play to determine how much people with jobs in film industry get paid. The production budgets, the gap between projects, your networking prowess and your skills in the field, all determines the pay scale in this industry. Payout is not always the same; it varies from project to project.

In conclusion

In this industry, you will encounter some of the most challenging and exciting work experiences. Film production jobs may cause turbulence at times, but when the final project gets aired on television, cinema halls and in different other digital platforms, that calls for a celebration. It is up to you to make the most of the filmmaking courses available online and offline and kickstart your career in filmmaking.


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