10 things to remember when joining the animation/VFX industry

Committing your career to any industry is probably one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life. In this post, we bring you 10 important things to consider before deciding to join the animation & VFX industry.

#1: Computer operation is not a talent

Never confuse your ability to operate computers with your ability to deliver creative content. What matters is not how you run software but what you bring to the computer. After all, the computer is a machine that is at your disposal.

#2: Build your portfolio

What is the right time to start building your portfolio? Well, if you wish to get into the animation industry, the correct answer is yesterday. So, stop waiting & get creating.

#3: Arrange your portfolio

Remember that teachers or employers may not always get time to see all your works. This is why it’s necessary to spend some time in arranging your portfolio. The best work goes first and adequate time is given to each piece.

#4: Draw, draw, draw

Whether you intend to be an artist or a technical editor, you must draw as much as you can. This will not only help you animate but will also improve your storyboarding skills.

#5: Have a working knowledge of 2D and 3D software

If you haven’t heard about Photoshop or Maya, start researching them right now. Get a working knowledge of such applications to understand whether the animation/VFX industry is right for you.

#6: Show your portfolio to others

Guidance counselors or art school professors offer invaluable advice about the stream of design that is right for you. They can not only help you in selecting the right course but also help you forward your applications to universities and employers.

#7: Teamwork

Can you work with different kinds of people for long hours? Special effects artists have to spend large amounts of time with the production team to get the job done.

#8: Know your path

It is wise to know where you wish to end up. Story? Lighting? Animation? Layout/Camera? Visual Development? Backgrounds? Discover your passion and follow it.


Source: eHowTech


#9: Meet people

Meet as many people from the industry as you can. The more you talk to them, the clearer idea you will get as to what it is that you would like to do in the industry.

#10: Be patient

A lot of animation artists make seven figure salaries and this draws a large number of aspirants to the industry each year. But it is important to remember that this only happens over time, after a certain reputation has been built. So, don’t give up.


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