Web designing tips you should know as a web designer

Web designing tips

From the many aspects involved in creating a website design, there are some web designing tips that are more important than the others. Having an idea of those tips will only help you create effective, beautiful and user-friendly websites. So, if you are wondering how to become a web designer whom any recruiter would be happy to hire, follow the below tips and start chasing your dream.

Simple and Clean

A clean and simple website always looks more appealing than a one that is flashy and full of clutter. The first thing taught in web design courses is to design the website as clean and simple as possible. The job of a designer is to communicate the message on a website in the simplest way possible. So, complicating things by including too many elements and unwanted information should be avoided. It will only end up confusing the user and drive them away, leading to an increase in the website’s bounce rate.

White Spaces

Once you have de-cluttered your web design, the best thing to do is leave the space empty. In other words, use white spaces generously. They are easy on the eyes and help highlight the subjects that you intend to. They also redirect the eyes of the user to the right elements. This is one of the web designing tips that some of the best tech companies in the world are known to use. You can take a cue from them to create clean and sleek websites with the appropriate use of white spaces for your clients too.

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Text Manipulations

A website may have a lot of text pasted on it, but a good web designer knows exactly which text is to be highlighted and which can be minimized to a smaller font size. Most users do not read every word on a website; so as a web designer you can use that to your advantage.The hierarchy of the content is important. Where you place your content and its size are important as that will influence what your user sees first. If there is a particular piece of information you want to highlight then you can put that in a big and bold title and in the centre. Other company related information can be put at the bottom. You will also be taught how to treat your CTAs in web design courses for beginners and professionals– they are enhanced with bold colours and interesting text to encourage users to click on them.

Web Graphics Optimisation

With more people using mobile phones to browse the internet, you have to take into account the page load time of a website. At time web pages load slowly on mobile device as these do not necessarily have WiFi speed everywhere. So, ensure that you optimise your web graphics by selecting the right format and font. This will reduce the website’s load time on a mobile phone.

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Navigation is the backbone of any website. While innovation and experimentation is encouraged, it is important that you do not overwhelm your users with too many navigation options. Even the best web designing tips suggest that you keep the navigation simple and user-friendly. Users should be able to navigate from one page to the next effortlessly.


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