Top 10 website designs & layouts

Last month we shared with you some top website design trends that are currently in-demand. Following that post, we received a lot of requests to showcase some latest designs. So here is our list of the top ten websites that have set benchmarks in terms of their overall design and layout.

Names for Change 

The Urban Ministries of Durham, in their mission to help homeless people by connecting them to food, clothing and shelter, have set up a website that has vivid colours and an innovative layout. The site is intuitive, organised and has an artistic feel to it. With this website, the ministry proved that the government can be fun too.


Designed by the Union of ten type foundries, who have decided to come together to work as a conglomerate, the website is a feature in clean design, making colourful use of white space.

Marcello Pisano

A graphic designer by profession, Pisano did not hold back on his creativity while designing his own website. The site comes alive with playful illustrations which act as a catalyst in transmitting information about the artist.


Notegraphy features a user-friendly app that aids in jotting down important notes that can not only be shared but also customised. The colours of the website blend in with the information and the videos presented on the site.

Fonts in Use

Fonts in Use is an independently-funded archive of typography. The website is a nifty tool in assessing typefaces currently in use when the user wants to have a feel of how different fonts fit with each other.

These are Things

Jen Adrion & Omar Noory created a novel layout for their design studio. Important links fit snugly on a navigation bar on the top while the focus remains on the interactive capabilities of the website.

Welcome to the Future of Football

The University of Oregon went all out to promote their football programme. The website carries a royal black tinge while featuring spellbinding imagery and bold type fonts. It almost looks like an interactive gaming experience.


The NounProject specialises in collaborating to create a simplified visual language for the world. While icons and contributions are free, attribution may be required. The black and white design of the website presents itself as an ideal platform to develop a rich visual language.

Alex Pierce 

The popular designer/art director has used a monotone design for his website that features his portfolio in an interactive manner. Power packed with new HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and backed up with thrilling animation, layering and typography, the website is rich in both style and information.

Knuckles Industries

Matt Muldoon is a metal fabrication artist who has leveraged his creative skills to create a website that illustrates his vintage and handcrafted style to show his work in a visual manner.

Have you come across some interesting websites? Share with us in the comment box below.


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