Investing in education? Get set for fantastic returns!

Rs. 50 for snacks at the college canteen. Rs. 500 for a smart outfit to wear to office. Rs. 5000 for education that gets you ready for a successful career – for life. In our world, everything of value comes at a price. If you pay nothing, you will get nothing. Same goes for education.

successful career - for life
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“Gain the right job skills and achieve your dream career.”

This sounds simple, but it may not always be. Getting the right job skills costs money. And obviously, no one wants to spend money without knowing what the benefits will be.

“Are the fees worth it?”

 “Can I afford to pay?”

 “Are there EMI options?”

When selecting the right training for your career, you will definitely ask yourself these questions at some point.

The way to answer these questions is to weigh what you are giving against what you will get. Education is an investment in yourself. The money you spend on education is your investment in the career that will earn you a salary, month after month, for the rest of your life.

If you select your education course carefully, you can gain a special place in the job market. Join the right course, pay attention in class, try your best to study and learn, and you will get a dream job that will recover your fees easily.

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Today, we are surrounded by ads, TV, films, the Internet. Every single medium presents hundreds and thousands of job opportunities. People like you are working to create TV shows, making films, working in highly-paid jobs in advertising, publishing, marketing, digital media, and more.

It makes sense to invest in a course that helps build a strong career in these fields. To select the right course, you need to look at more than just the fees. Before joining a course, see what the institute has to offer. Are there learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom? Do you get hands-on experience on projects? Do they train you to appear for job interviews confidently?

Remember: Companies hire people who get the job done. With the right education, you will be that person. Today, the job market is competitive. Well-paying career opportunities go only to those who select their education carefully, and work hard to get ahead in life.

Well-paying career opportunities
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Payment options

Selecting the best course doesn’t mean your parents have to pour their entire savings into it. These days, institutes offer multiple payment options. Many banks offer education loans at reasonable interest rates. Even better, many institutes offer EMI options on their course fees. With this, you can start your course right now, and pay a fixed amount every month towards your fees.

MAAC, too, firmly believes that fees should not stand in the way of helping you achieve your career ambitions. The Academy offers career-building courses in 3D Animation, VFX, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Gaming Design or Media & Entertainment – all at reasonable fees, and with EMI options.

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Your fees depend on how much time you can commit, and the modules you select for your education. For example:

  • Game design courses are available from ₹30,000 onwards
  • 3D Animation courses start at ₹65,000
  • 3-year media & entertainment courses can cost ₹350,000
  • Short-term courses start at ₹7000

Of course, these course fees are just indicative. The actual fees can be lower, depending on scholarships or EMI options available at MAAC centres. Want to discuss course fees at MAAC? Fill this form. MAAC will call you back.

Good luck for a great career!


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