How to Find Jobs in Animation and VFX

You’ve had professional training in animation. You’ve painstakingly learnt all the relevant software in order to join the in-demand artists of the special effects industry. But how to find the right job opportunity that will decide the course of your entire career? How to land the best job in the market with the best studios? Here are the top five guidelines for landing the very coveted position of an animation artist.

  1. Be focused

One of the key elements of securing a job in the industry is to know what you want to do, in a very specific manner. You may be talented in a number of areas but it doesn’t help to be all over the place. Being unfocused is the surest way to be shown the door in an interview. Whether you want to be a particle effects editor or a character artist or even run a render farm, your portfolio should show only the material that is relevant to the job category for which you are applying.

  1. Know your goal

Keeping your goals in mind is essential for a successful career in the animation industry. Scores of young artists graduate every year with sharp skills and impressive talent. But the ones who eventually succeed are the ones who are clear about their aim. Having a deep commitment towards making a career in the animation and special effects industry is crucial to differentiating yourself from the hordes of artists who join the workforce every year.

  1. Communicate your idea clearly

Animation artists are essentially story tellers. And the media of choice for them is imagery. This is why knowing how to draw is one of the important skills for an animator. However, it is okay if you are not good at drawing right now, you should be able to communicate your ideas to the team in a clear and precise manner.

  1. Build a portfolio online

It is important to have an artistic space online which showcases your work. It may be your own website or just a blog, but putting your demo reel on the internet allows employers to show your work to their peers while considering you for a position. It also allows other potential recruiters to find and view your work.

  1. Gain experience

All in all, the main attributes to develop in this field are talent, persistence, and recognition of opportunity. You can start by following one skill set and eventually gain work experience in different fields of your interest. Animation studios tend to prefer artists who have experience in multiple segments of filmmaking rather than just one. Therefore, never hesitate to take up a job, even if it is not your dream job. Finally, it is not necessary to start with a big animation studio, but recognizing an opportunity to be a part of a great work that will get you farther ahead.


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