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Handy guide to become a successful game designer

The gaming industry is at its peak and demand for jobs in the industry is also soaring. All of us have played video games during our childhood, but have we ever thought how these games are made and we ourselves can create the same? Definitely, no.

Career in game design is a mix of scientific and artistic skills. To develop games for mobiles, tablets, consoles, and laptops, you need to think deeply and have extensive knowledge of game design elements and processes. Game design course provides a deep insight into the gaming industry and day-to-day life of a game designer. If you are planning to work as a game artist or a game developer, then here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Have zeal toward gaming and drawing :

To become a game artist, you need to have an inclination towards drawing and gaming. If you love sketching and drawing objects and figures, then the ticket to the life of a game designer is just for you. Drawing helps develop your skills to become a game artist. If you are good at drawing, then practice it daily to upgrade your thoughts and skills. Enrol in a game designing course or join drawing classes for better results.

Learn different designing and photo editing software :

If you always find yourself building 2D characters, then gaming can be a career for you. To learn gaming or how to become a gaming artist, you must know the softwares like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, 3ds Max, and Mudbox. Though these software can be learnt on you own, but it is recommendable to join a game design course and earn the right skills. Professionals and mentors teach the right usage of these software and guide you to use different game design tools for environment modelling, stylised character modelling, next gen vehicle modelling etc.

Gaming modelling
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Decide your genre :

You have to decide which genre you are interested to work in as a game designer. Action, adventure, simulation, sports, role playing, and educational games are some of the genres game artists work upon. From 2D and 3D to sketch artist, there are several options to explore as a game designer. Choose a genre while planning to make a career in game designing.

Join a professional school : 

You can learn to be a game developer almost in any gaming studio but if you want to make this as your career then it’s important to have in-depth knowledge about the curriculum, industry and life of a game designer. Game designing schools not only help you to gain knowledge about gaming elements, software, and the industry, but also grooms you to be a professional gaming artist who can face all challenges and excel in the industry.

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Planning your career as a game developer is now a click away. If you are already a fan of the crazy characters of video games, then why not try your luck in building some of your own? Take help from these tips and plan your future as a game designer.



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