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Career opportunities as an animation filmmaker in India

Animation is one of the most prominent professions today. The developing fame of animated films and the utilization of enhanced visualizations in blockbuster movies have made career in Animation a well-known prospect among students.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or the later Minions, have you ever considered how these great characters sprung up on the widescreen? The response lies in the words ‘animation’ and ‘animation filmmakers’. So, let us find out how animation is a good career option in film making today in India!

2D Animation artist

2D artists make characters, foundations, and scene changes, breathing life into inventive thoughts and ideas. 2D Animation artists start sketching their designs on paper and goes on to use latest animation tools and software like Abode Photoshop, Adobe Flash, etc. They get an opportunity to work with art directors, editors and artists to create the final film or scene.

2D Animation artist
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3D Animation artist

3D artists create depth, visual effects, and vivid animated characters for TV, computer games, news channels, and other electronic media. They create graphics, animated films and characters with 3D animation software and computer illustrations. Career of 3D Animators are exciting. Those looking for some unique roles in media and entertainment, can opt for a career in 3D Animation.

Compositing Artist

The role of a compositing artist in one of the most important and challenging ones in the production process. The artist is in charge of creating the final product. A compositing artist works with VFX teams, lighting and surface executives to guarantee the final animated film or visual appears error free and spot-on.

compositing artist
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3D Modeler 

3D modellers work from scratch to bring life into completely rendered models and scenes. There are lots of job opportunities for 3D Modellers in the animation industry. A skilled 3D Modeller with technical knowledge and artistic skills can make a career in the fields of entertainment, medicine, science, and education.

Character Animation Artist 

Character illustrators or character animation artists make and configure characters utilizing liveliness programming, 3D displays, 2D activities, and even puppetry. They create moving characters; recount to a story, regardless of whether it’s for films, televisions, computer games or mobile applications.

Finishing Artist 

A finishing artist is more of a technical person than a creative one. A Finishing Artist fetches elements from multiple sources like clients, art designers, graphic designers, and image banks to create one final product. They utilize their aptitudes to make exact impacts on the film, video or visuals.

Flash Animator 

He is the one who creates animation for advertisements, videos, web series, video games, websites, and e-learning objects. A flash animator joins abilities in delineation, visual communication and structure so as to make convincing 2D and 3D projects.

The field of animation is booming and offers exciting job opportunities. Those seeking for challenging yet creative roles in the media and entertainment industry can opt for any of these career profiles.



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