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6 animated short films to watch to pep up your mood

Need something to pep up your mood? But don’t have much time? What better way than to watch a short film! The popularity of short films is on the rise, thanks to increasing users on the internet, and the growing interest in web-series’. The availability of these films for little or no charge has only added to the demand.

We list six animation short films that will turn that frown upside down.



How often do we see people discriminating on the basis of status? Zero turns the concept on its head with some breathtaking stop-motion animation. In this world, beings are judged on the basis of their number. Here the protagonist is discriminated against for having the number zero. But the end is not as dark as it sounds. This is a feel-good love story, and is sure to put you in a good mood in no time.



Lifted, from Pixar, can lift your mood just with its concept; the rest of the movie is a bonus. This is the story of Stu, an alien giving a practical exam about abducting humans, and the goof-ups he makes. But is it just us or does the abducted farmer look similar to Ratatouille’s character? We wonder! The only probable connection is that the short was released with Ratatouille.



When talking of animation, how can Disney not be mentioned? Add the concept of love at first sight to that, and you have a recipe for a smile. The 2D animation tells the story of two strangers brought together by fate, and by papers. Psst! It also won an Oscar.



This comical French short film about two octopuses can give you some real relationship goals. Set in a small Greek village, the octopuses go to great lengths to stay with each other, and avoid the delivery boy at a restaurant. What makes the film even more special is the fact that it started as a graduate student project, and went on to win several awards, and even an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film.

French roast

French roast is a classic customer dilemma story. An uptight businessman, after ordering a cup of coffee at a café in Paris, realises that he has forgotten to carry his wallet. He delays paying by ordering some more coffee, and meets people in the process, one of whom helps him out of his situation. This short is a beautiful lesson in ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.

Partly Cloudy

Where do babies come from? Of course, the storks bring them. But where do the storks get the babies? Of course, the clouds make them. Don’t believe us? Watch this adorable movie, a sure shot mood reliever.

Do you have a list of favourite animated short films? Tell us in the comments below.


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