7 types of interesting career opportunities for creative people

creative people

Creativity comes with its own perks. An eye for detail, love for colour, understanding of aesthetics, and an impeccable knowledge of understanding the audience, creative people take all joy and enthusiasm to express their thoughts in an original and visually appealing manner. Today, the demand for creative minds is no more limited to the media and film industry. It has now found its place in industries like tourism, FMGC, and Information Technology. This is indeed good news for the creative people. They can now opt for multitude of career opportunities in different industrial sectors. Here’s a list of top seven career options for creative people:


Website designer: A web designer is a one with a strong creative mind. He looks after the aesthetics and user-friendliness of a website, starting from colour scheme to content placement, information flow and everything else related to visual aspects of user experience and interface. With the right use of colour schemes, proper information flow, and accurate images and text placement, a website designer creates a website with a seamless user experience.


Script writer: Any film, video, web series, or advertisement is incomplete without a script writer. A script writer is not just proficient in script writing, but also in writing screenplays, on which films, web series, video games, and advertisements are based. With more online streaming partners and video game companies entering the entertainment industry, the demand for script writers has risen drastically. Those who have a flair for writing and want to want live up to their imagination must pursue a career in script writing.


Art director: The role of an art director spans across newspapers, website, films, magazines, and advertisements. An art director should be proficient in photography, graphic designing, creative direction, computer usage, and design software. He must be efficient in supervising artists, budgeting, while having an eye for detail.

Art director
Picture credit: https://builtin.com/job-descriptions/art-director-job-description


UI/UX designer: Those with an excellent understanding of web design and visual elements can become a skilled UI/UX designer. Knowledge of contrast, typography, UX wireframes, composition and balance, colour scheme, and grid systems is required to build a career as a User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) designer. Their only aim is to design websites and mobile applications in a way so that users can navigate easily and interact more seamlessly.

Photographer: Not every technical person can be a photographer. Only creative people with an equal knowledge of composition and technical skills can make a career in photography. Those who are passionate about travel, have a knack for clicking various type of photos, love to experiment with editing software, can try hands on all types of camera ranging from SLR to DSLR, and can strongly express their imagination through pictures, must pursue a career in photography. Photographers can work in places like event management companies, news and advertising agencies, film studios, interior designing companies, and architecture firms.

Video editor: Film industry is incomplete without video or film editors. They are the ones who arrange video footage, edit unwanted shots, add relevant effects, and make a complete error-free package that narrates a story seamlessly. The job involves working in collaboration with cameraperson, directors, producers, and scriptwriters. Those who complete a certified course in film or video editing from a reputed institute always get the extra edge in the industry. Alongside, they must be proficient with editing software and digital cameras.

Video editor
Picture courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu6NxHbpBd4

Animator: It involves sheer creativity to make high-end 2D or 3D models, scenes, videos, or films. And, animators are the creative individuals who work behind such out-of-the-world video content. They are sought by gaming studios, news agencies, advertising companies, production houses, and print publications. An animator works with a team of artists to bring their ideas to life using computer graphics, and software. A creative person with a certified course in animation or VFX is always preferred by employers.

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