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5 key things to remember to succeed as a visual effects artist

A career in the visual effects industry is evolving. It is one of the most challenging yet interesting careers that involve creative thinking, story-telling, and the use of innovative technologies and media tools. As the number of 3D films is increasing, the demand for visual effects artists is also growing positively. As more and more UK and USA based studios and production houses are outsourcing visual effects work to India, job prospect in this field is also growing. If you are aiming for a career in the visual effects industry, then here are five key factors you need to keep in mind:

Be clear with the fundamentals: Build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of VFX before working on fancy elements. Learn to work with different types of VFX software and get a grasp of basic course content like digital design, story-boarding, cinematography, and photography. Keep experimenting with different VFX tools and adapt the skills to work in various environmental setups.

Join an institute that specializes in animation and VFX courses: This is one of the most important things to remember before considering a career in the VFX industry. Ensure that the institute you join has a specialized team of VFX and animation mentors along with equipped classrooms and VFX studios. Such VFX studios give in-depth knowledge about the industry and groom you as a professional by the time of course completion.

Tips to succeed as visual effects artist
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Create your own showreels: Making your own showreels helps you build a stronger portfolio. Showreels help you showcase your best works and plays a crucial role during interviews. Updated, short, simple and yet informative showreels are the ones that work best for you during job interviews.

Learn to be a team player: Animation and VFX work mostly involves group tasks. Develop the skills to become a team player who will be open to criticisms, ideas, and challenges. As a team player, you need to have a positive attitude and encourage team members to deliver the best without fear. Communicate your ideas clearly and offer constructive feedback as and when required.

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Make the most of your creative mind: Last but not least, this is one factor you cannot ignore while planning your career as a VFX artist. Give shape to your imagination and bring alive the visuals you have been dreaming of in an imaginary setting. Delve into art and photography and make the most of the special effects tools to turn your imagination into reality. Remember, that the stunning visual effects you create for a film or video clip will be edged in the mind of the audience forever.

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