Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is the art of graphic design within the context of visuals such as film, video or computer animation. We see motion graphics at work in the typography and graphics used in film titles, or the spinning, three-dimensional logo at the end of a TV commercial. If you watch much TV or see many films, you will have noticed that the graphics, the typography, and the visual effects within these mediums have become much more elaborate and sophisticated. This improvement is largely due to technological advancements.


A typical Motion Graphics Designer is a person trained in graphic design who has learned to integrate the elements of time, sound and space into his/her existing skill-set of design knowledge. To become a Motion Graphics Artist, you need skills in graphic designing, basic interactivity, 2D & 3D Animation and visual effects. You can start by taking an animation or art-related course at a reputed institution to build your skills before looking for work. Several training academies & colleges offer diploma and degree courses in graphic designing, web designing, animation and visual effects. But the best courses are those that provide hands-on practical training and work placements. So, choose your training institute wisely.


You could also get into the industry with qualifications in other relevant subjects such as: illustration, graphic design, computer programming, model making or sculpture, 3-D design and multimedia design. You can create a ‘showreel’ DVD to present your talent and creativity to hiring studios. In addition, you could show your passion by entering animation competitions and festivals, and sending short animated films or ideas to companies.


There are huge requirements in the industry for motion graphics designers, and not just limited to animation studios, there are vacancies with print and publishing, e-Learning, IT & manufacturing companies to name a few. You will often start as a fresher, then progress to junior roles like graphic designer, digital painter or assistant animator.  With the right combination of enthusiasm and hard work, sky is the limit in this industry!


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