Major animation festivals around the world – II

Welcome to the second part of our list celebrating the most popular film festivals across the globe. In the prequel to this post, we mentioned some of the largest films festivals along with the biggest animation festival in India – Anifest. In this post we complete the list with some of the recently started but immensely popular animation festivals.

Note: The names do not appear in any particular order or ranking

Anima Mundi
The main aim of Anima Mundi is to bring together a plethora of new ideas and practical workshops supported by talent from across the world. Held each year in the cities of Rio de Janario and Sao Paolo, Anima Mundi is the largest film festival of Brazil. Established in 1993, it holds competitive screenings for international guests with a diversity of animation styles and techniques.

London International Animation Festival – (
Established in 2003, the London International Animation Festival is the largest animation festival to be held in the United Kingdom. It is a non-competitive festival and follows a strict policy of ‘every technique; every genre; every style’, which means that there are no restrictions on the animation style and technique that can participate. The LIAF focuses on intelligent and provocative films meant for adults as it aims to dispel the notion that animations are only for children.

Source: LIAFanimation

Melbourne International Animation Festival – (
This event is one of the largest animation festivals in the world. Started in the year 2000, the Melbourne International Animation Festival has gained much international acclaim and respect. Winners of this festival automatically get nominated for other animation festivals in Sydney and London. The event offers a whole spectrum of categories for full0-length and animated shorts. The festival is sponsored by the Australian Film Commission and the Melbourne City Council. Over 200 films are shown during the course of the festival with entries from 30 countries worldwide.

Source: MIAF

Fantoche International Animation Film Festival – (
Ever since its inception in 1995, the Fantoche International Animation Film Festival is the only cultural event held in Switzerland that features a whole array of animation techniques, content and media. It has lately graduated into an international event. It particularly invites entries that push the boundaries of artistic expression, and innovation is a prerequisite to gain entry. The result is that the event follows screenings that showcase a broad range of experimental styles and techniques.

Source: Fantoche

Annecy International Animated Film Festival – (
This list would be incomplete without the mention of this pioneering festival that started in the year 1960 when animation industry experts from France felt they should have an event that celebrates the best work in the field. What began as a bi-yearly event became an annual one in 1998. This six-day festival held in Annecy, France, features some of the best work from around the world and helps artists and producers in coming together to sell, finance and distribute animation content for broadcasting on all media platforms.

Source: annecyfestival


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