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Hand held gaming devices

Published on September 10, 2012, by in Gaming.

Gaming is not only restricted to children these days but has covered wider spectrum of audience. Games are available on Consoles, phones, personal computers, internet and even on TV. In my previous articles, I had discussed about the various types of games that make up this industry. In this post, I will be discussing hand held gaming devices. Category Currently, hand held games can be put into two categories – touch based and Handheld console games. Touch based games (casual games) Touch based games are casual in nature & targeted at casual gamers. These games have very little learning curve and can be mastered by anyone in a very short period of time. Such games are specifically designed for smart phones and tablets and provide entertainment on the go. Touch-based games have comparatively lighter graphics with rich and attractive color art, short storyline, quicker feedback & overall engaging game play.



Consoles Gaming

Published on July 15, 2012, by in Gaming.

Ask any gamer about his/her best memory & surely they’ll recount the experience of  plugging in that Xbox or PS3 and spending hours racing cars or fighting wars or saving the earth and so on. Console based games are the original gamers’ toys and they have laid the foundation of the gaming industry. Consoles are dedicated hardware devices manufactured to play interactive media content (games). Play station, Xbox, Nintendo Ds and Play station portable are some examples of popular gaming consoles. Consoles were the first to establish the video gaming industry as a serious business. Console games are particularly considered for hardcore gamers as the console is an expensive powerful machine designed to handle complex graphics and gameplay. Games for consoles require a definite learning curve to get hands on before anyone can actually start enjoying the game experience. This learning curve is sometimes annoying for casual gamers who want


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