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Battle for the Best VFX honour at the Oscars 2016

Published on February 25, 2016, by in VFX.

As we approach the Oscar season & we are keeping our fingers crossed for our favourites. But here we take a look at the Best VFX nominees this year, and analyze their chances of winning the coveted trophy. Ex Machina A futuristic sci-fi British psychological thriller, this is about a computer programmer who encounters an artificially intelligent robot named Ava. The robot is designed as a cyborg with a striking human-like appearance but also obvious translucent robotic components. Double Negative, Milk VFX, Plum Animation & Utopia are some of the key visual effects teams that worked on this movie. Source: CGMeetup Oscar hit: On its own, Ex Machina packs a fine punch. The manner in which Ava’s CG rendered body parts are seamlessly blended into the cinematography shots is incredible. Oscar miss: The movie has some amazing VFX but nearly not enough to make it a strong contender especially when


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