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Making a Career out of Designing Games

Published on July 17, 2014, by in Gaming.

Gaming is the latest trend. Everyone is always engaged by a game, either on their smartphones or on their laptops or on a gaming console. But for serious enthusiast it is more than just a past time. Gaming and game designing is the latest career trend. Game designing is the process of creating an elaborate set of rules & mechanism in an animated environment, which ensures smooth facilitation between player(s) and server. It can be used for the purpose of entertaining and educating. Game designing has become a source of career opportunity for everyone involved in animation. There are various fields in which specialization can be done. They are broadly classified into three categories – game designers, game artists and game programmers. Game designers A game designer is usually responsible for creating a character, story world setting, story, script, dialogue etc. They work with a team of people who develop


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