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Job profiles in VFX

Published on December 3, 2014, by in VFX.

Do you find yourself saying “that’s a cool special effect” while watching a movie, TV show or commercial? If yes, then the VFX team has not done their job well. The best visual effects are the ones that cannot be separated from the live action shot. Wide networks of people are involved in creating spellbinding visual effects. In this post, we will discuss some of the job profiles in the visual effects industry. VFX director The VFX director has the overall responsibility to manage the project schedule. The VFX director will monitor the activities of the production team over the entire duration of the project. They will take into account the expenses, employee management and the marketing of the project. Roto artists If you’ve ever tried to crop and put the head of a celebrity on someone else’s body, you will understand the job of a roto artist. They are


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