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6 amazing career options that a Virtual Reality course gives you

Published on July 4, 2018, by in AR/VR.

A quick glance through top hiring markets in the upcoming years would definitely expose you to the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VAR). These industries are in their nascent stage and with the scope of possibilities these technologies provide, they are sure to grow wider than our imaginations. A lot of youngsters and even experienced professionals looking to expand their skill set are now considering the VAR field. Coupled with artificial intelligence and human behaviour, the Virtual and Augmented reality create illusions of anything one could imagine. The boom in job opportunities in the VAR field however is no illusion. For the ones who are considering what career options they could opt for after completing a course in Virtual and Augmented reality, here are our top picks:   1. VR Game Engineer Skilled at designing, projecting, and viewing complex creative visuals in 3D, VR Game Engineers are experts in


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