Gaming Gets Real In 3D!

For gaming lovers across the globe, 3D animation has changed the way games are being played. From being simple drawings with a few attributes characters now come alive with features, settings and a whole gamut of characteristics that can be controlled and changed.

Gaming Gets Real In 3D
Gaming Gets Real In 3D

3d Animation

Gaming animation is rich and layered, featuring both Full Motion Video cut-scenes and In-Game Engine animation. The input of users is severely restrained in FMV whereas In-Game Engine animation allows scope for the story to be told. With music, voice-overs and scripted stories, gaming is gradually giving users more interaction.

However, it is still the 3D artist’s task to endow as much personality as they can to the avatar. There is a whole range of body movements an avatar has to be given from the regular walking and jumping to the more complex use of weapons and reactions to an attack. The only thing affecting the fluidity of motion is the engine’s frame rate and has to be worked around.  Modern gaming requires the use of many software but the most common are 3D through Maya and 3DS Max. Other industry-standard software packages include Toon Boom, Cinema 4D and Houdini.

On the job front, a 3D animation designer will have his hands full. What makes a good designer? Employers look for people with troubleshooting skills and creativity to work around a problem. The designer will need to be extremely patient as working around bugs and technical glitches can be a long drawn and creatively draining process. Time crunches are a regular phenomenon and deadlines are almost non-negotiable in most cases. Animation problems also require thinking on your feet and on-the-spot innovation of characteristics or features is a norm that requires hours of rework. With stringent and extensive quality checks, the final product will have to be flawlessly executed. Both, gaming companies and studios require the services of 3D animators. Thus, they are sought after in the job market and this is only set to rise in the coming years.

Gaming animation in India is a small part of the burgeoning animation industry. However, the segment is posed for growth with the industry expecting a growth of 53% by 2013. The requirement of animation in gaming involves all platforms including mobile, PC, online and console gaming. In India, mobile gaming has the maximum reach and potential. Over 3 million people are said to be engaged in mobile gaming every month in India and this is the industry that experts predict will grow exponentially due to variety of factors. This industry also has domestic players like India games and mobile2win, which give a boost to the market in the country.



The 3D animation industry has tremendous potential that is waiting to be tapped and yours could be the next game in line.

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