5 things to remember when designing a mobile game app

From Candy Crush to Temple Run, mobile game apps are the future of the gaming industry. Of course, the Xbox still rules. But more people are opting for the handy & user-friendly versions of games. Availability of high-end software has also helped improve the gaming experience, and the demand for better games. The mobile gaming industry is on an upward slope with no intensions of coming down any time soon. While all this is good news for mobile game developers designing mobile game apps, there are a few things that they need to keep in mind. Read on as we list out the things to keep in mind while designing a mobile game app.

1. Own your game

The moment you see a little man running behind mushrooms and gold coins, killing turtles to save a princess, you instantly know that it is Super Mario. The theme song is enough to guessing. Create a game that will be memorable. Keep in mind the characters of the game, the music, the aim, and the obstacles. An easy way to start designing a mobile game app is to make something you have extensive knowledge about, and add your own twist to it. Make it stand out among the plethora of other games available in the market.

Designing a mobile game app

2. Software selections

Selecting your software package for designing a mobile game app is as important as the story, animation & characters of the game. Many software that provide high graphics options are free only until your game goes live in the market. Ensure that you have separate applications to create certain elements for your game, depending on whether you choose to make 2D or 3D game like Photoshop or Maya.

Designing a mobile game app

3. Keeping it simple

In the beginning of any game, the first few levels have to be simple. They should be more like a game tutorial. This will help to reel in users and not overwhelm them. Once that is done, you can move on to slightly complex gaming, allowing users to analyse and decode along the way to keep things interesting.

Designing a mobile game app

4. Visual aesthetics

Compromising on the visual appeal of a game is never a good idea. The first thing that a gamer looks for before downloading a game is eye-catching graphics. So make UX your top priority with rich game designs. That is one sure way to appeal to gamers of the world.

Designing a mobile game app

5. Trial to succeed

Before you formally launch your game, create a prototype and introduce it for a demo test. Through this you will have the opportunity to make changes in your game as per the feedback from gamers. This could include glitches in the game, plot lines or features alterations. This will also ensure that you will give gamers exactly what they want in a mobile game.

Designing a mobile game app


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