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Big challenges in VFX industry and how to tackle them

Be it Hollywood, Bollywood or even K-dramas, VFX has become an important part to play in post-production. Yes, South Korean films and videos too. The ones that showcase supernatural stories have beautiful special effects in them. If you want to witness them to get ideas, you can watch Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, The Tale of a Gumihoor even The King: Eternal Monarch on Netflix. Their stories are as just as interesting as their work on special effects. However, there are a few challenges this industry faces. Let’s find out what they are and how they can be fixed.

Managing the data

One of biggest challenges in VFX industry is managing data. The realistic-looking images need a lot of space. Just having a storage system assembled by your team members is not enough. As your business grows, you will need new, faster systems so that rendering frames do not pose a problem. You may have to move to a commercial data platform so that it will make it easier for you to take on more such projects and develop more refined effects.

Managing data in VFX industry
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Sustaining your team

The kind of work involved in VFX industry requires a massive investment. If you are pursuing a career in VFX industry, you will know that the work is extensive and requires highly skilled individuals to do it. It is not easy for popular studios also to deliver the best work for high-paying clients without skilled artists, technicians, and investors. So, it is important that you are able to constantly rope in high-paying clients as well as have big investors on board, who have an understanding of the business.

Working with a huge team

Hiring personnel is one of the highest costs a VFX studio can incur. If you are working with a big team and are not able to bring in the big clients, it can turn into a huge problem. The solution to this dilemma is working with a smaller team. Even though this team would be smaller, it would be focused on delivering the same quality of images. As a VFX artist, it is best to learn more than one skill to increase your prospects of getting yourself one of the VFX artist jobs.

VFX course
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Joining the right institute for a VFX course

One of the major challenges in VFX industry is that people often face is finding the right institute to pursue a VFX course from. There has been an emergence of many training schools that do not provide quality training to its students. The best way to deal with this challenge is to do your research and ensure that you pick an institute that is well-known for VFX courses so that you can bag VFX artist jobs in the future.

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