6 Pixar Animated Short Films That Won Our Hearts

Pixar Animation Studios have been stunning the audience with their feature and short films for over three decades now. Owned by The Walt Disney Company, Pixar has made over 20 feature films and numerous short films.

The interesting bit about Pixar short films is that beginning with A Bug’s Life, Pixar has created extra content for each of their films that are not part of the main story. Early theatrical releases contain this content that often appears as part of the film’s credits.

Even though ranking something that’s so good is hard, here is our list of top six animated shorts by Pixar:


Geri’s Game         

This short film released with the feature film, A Bug’s Life, in 1998. The film is about an old man going through ageing and loneliness. He copes with it by playing a game of chess in the park against himself. The story takes many turns that make the character unforgettable for the viewers.


Image courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios


Partly Cloudy

This is a disarmingly sweet tale of a cloud and a stork responsible for delivering babies to humans. It was released in 2009 with the box office favourite, Up. This short film is cuteness personified with everyday visuals presented in a charming new way.


Image courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios


The Blue Umbrella

Released with Monsters University in 2013, this short film has an enchanting tale of romance between two umbrellas. Director Saschka Unseld smartly kept the humans out of picture in this animated musical which never fails to win hearts.


Image courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios



Bao made its appearance with the record breaking Incredibles 2. This is the first short film created by a woman animator for Pixar. Animator Domee Shi brings with herself a lovely mix of culture and a slightly dark but mostly cute story of a dumpling that comes to life.


Image courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios


Sanjay’s Super Team

This amazing short flick features Indian Gods and Goddess – Vishnu, Hanuman and Durga, in the world of a young boy named Sanjay. The movie released with The Good Dinosaur in 2015 and gained a lot of popularity in India for its uniqueness.


Image courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios


Luxo Jr

This is probably the most widely recognised character in the Pixar universe. Luxo Jr. released in 1999 with Toy Story 2. The animator took inspiration from the Luxo lamp kept on his desk and created a baby lamp out of it. The small hopping lamp is now a part of the Pixar production logo and appears at the beginning and end of most of their movies.


Image courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios


Which Pixar short film is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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