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Futuristic Visions for VFX

Published on July 2, 2014, by in VFX.

Making an animated movie requires dedication and commitment. Animators go through the rigorous process of visualisation, storyboarding, sound effects, light effects, character modelling etc to create the final film. Each of these areas is critically important. But the one area that has taken the film and animation industry by storm over the last 10 years is visual effects, commonly known as VFX. What is VFX? VFX is the process of creating visually-enhanced imagery with the help of computer graphics. It is used when the animator chooses to depict something that cannot be shot in a live environment and has to be simulated in a virtual world. For e.g. movies dealing with natural disasters like Twister or creating an outer space environment, as in Gravity. Techniques used in VFX VFX, like animation, is a broad term. There are different techniques of creating visual effects. One or a combination of these techniques



Augmented Reality: Vision Redefined

Published on January 3, 2013, by in Animation.

The purpose of using Augmented Reality (AR) is to add information and meaning to a real object or place. It all started with the basic concept of superimposing an object or layer over another layer or object. It is nothing but an artificial view of a live feed composited in real time with some relevant overlaying information. For the past few decades, more so in the last 5-6 years, with the development of Smart Phones, this artificial view of the physical world – ’Augmented Reality’ has come out from the scientist’s lab and is gradually becoming a part of our daily life. People’s quest for seeing something more than what they can experience in real life led Morton L. Heilig, a film-maker, to design the first virtual reality experience in the 60’s. He patented a machine called Sensorama in 1961. For his research and inventions in this space he is


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