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MAAC Career Carnival
  • Student Speak

    Chaitali Jhonsa Chaitali Jhonsa Job: Production Co-ordinator Placement: PRANA Studio

    It was wonderful experience with MAAC, especially 24 FPS which is a great platform for the students to showcase their skills.

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  • Student Speak

    Amrapali Lokhande Amrapali Lokhande Job: Trainee Compositor Placement: Prime Focus

    MAAC is the best place to learn Visual Effects & 3D Animation in India. MAAC has helped me learn & enhanced my creative skills.

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  • Student Speak

    Gaurav Hingane Gaurav Hingane Job: Lighting Artist Placement: Crest Studio

    I am thankful to my faculty and MAAC for helping me achieve my career goals.

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  • Student Speak

    Avinash Panchal Avinash Panchal Job: Roto Artist Placement: AAA Digital Academey

    MAAC is the best institute for Animation. The environment, Faculties and Facilities are all excellent.

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  • Student Speak

    Mansi Nirmal Mansi Nirmal Job: Vfx Artist Placement: Anibrain

    MAAC is a place where I learnt a lot, not only about animation, but also how a team works, patience, & how to handle technical problems, It also provided me a path to successful career. Thanks to MAAC.

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  • Student Speak

    Nishita Wassan Nishita Wassan Job: Trainee Compositor Placement: Prime Focus

    Thank you MAAC for giving me a good learning environment as well as supportive faculty. Thanks for the support and guidance which I am going to miss for my entire life.

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  • Student Speak

    Kirti Rathod Kirti Rathod Job: Trainee Animator Placement: MEL

    MAAC has provided me complete guidance and support for successful completion of 3D Animation course and acquiring a good job.

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MAAC Education Centres in Tamil Nadu

MAAC is a well-known Animation Academy that conducts training in 3D Animation & VFX. The Institute has education centres in various cities & towns in the state of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai & Coimbatore. Students benefit from having a centre close to home where they can attend classes & practice their skills in labs.

MAAC Centres for Tamil Nadu

MAAC provides high-quality animation training through these education centres. The Institute offers a wide range of career courses in 3D Animation, VFX, Multimedia, Graphic & Web Designing, Gaming, & more.

Students in Tamil Nadu learn various software like Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe Premiere™, Autodesk 3dsmax™, Autodesk Maya™, Autodesk Mudbox™, Eyeon Fusion™, Apple Final Cut Pro™, Autodesk Matchmover™, etc.

After completing a course with MAAC, students can make an animation career with the following jobs:

  • Modeling Artist
  • Character Animator
  • FX Artist
  • Compositor
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Matchmoving Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Render Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Digital Sculptor
  • Rigging Artist
  • Roto & Clean-up Artist
  • Video Editor

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