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Q. What is Animation & VFX?

Did you watch 'Duck Tales' or 'He-Man' as a child? Then you already know what Animation is. Basically, it is a technique of art which causes pictures or images to look like they are moving. The Animation industry in India & internationally is very huge & growing. There is a big market for animated films, advertising campaigns, educational CDs, websites with animation, etc.

VFX or Visual Effects are a way of mixing real film shooting with false or animated images. For instance, a movie that shows the hero jumping off the ground and flying into the air, is created using VFX. Almost every single movie these days uses VFX. MAAC offers some of the best VFX courses. Affordable software for Animation & VFX has made it easy for almost all filmmakers to use VFX in their movies.

There are various types of Animation. MAAC offers training in many of these varieties. Check out the MAAC courses.


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