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Q. What are the activities that MAAC organises for student engagement?

Apart from classroom education, MAAC conducts many activities to prepare students to become successful professionals in the Animation, VFX, Gaming & Filmmaking industries.

- Also, MAAC is the first - and only - Animation Academy that has a dedicated Team that works all year round to organize events.

- MAAC conducts different events at centre, national & international level. Students get an opportunity to showcase their skills & to interact with experienced Animation, VFX and Gaming professionals.

- The MAAC Placements Cell conducts personal interviews with eligible students** to understand their strengths & weaknesses and to provide the right career guidance.

**MAAC students who are 3 months away from graduating are eligible to take part in the placement process provided they have registered with the MAAC Placements Cell. Such students undergo MAAC's Career Development Training before they are sent for job interviews.


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