Creosouls is a social networking platform for MAAC students that is exclusively built to showcase talent. It also acts as an online portfolio management platform that provides MAAC students the opportunity to build lucrative career in the Media and Entertainment industry. MAAC is the only brand to implement such an interactive platform for students.

Here’s how MAAC students benefit from CREOSOULS:

  • It helps students and mentors with assignment management.
  • With Creosouls in place, it is easy to monitor students’ progress and the quality of learning being delivered.
  • It has a custom institute workflow which enables MAAC centres to develop a portfolio of their own.
  • It enables students to showcase their talent by uploading their work on the platform and get recognised.
  • Students can view works of other students and professionals.
  • Experts and mentors can share their feedback with students directly on the platform
  • In Cresosouls, one can configure Google Drive for backup.
  • Helps network with people and enhances networking opportunity

Career Counselling

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Want to join MAAC and benefit from Social Networking and Portfolio Management platforms like Creosouls?

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