Real vs CGI

Real vs. CGI




Real vs CGI focuses on the aspect of realism of the 3d character and props for VFX, Games, and Collectibles industry. It is also covers how to achieve realistic look of any 3d model.


This course progresses from the ideation phase, to the conceptual phase, and concludes with the execution of a 3d modeling with texturing. It is also includes the presentation of realistic model along with production tips and tricks


Day 1

Introduction to speaker

Realistic CGI for live action movies

Importance of character anatomy and relative proportion

Hyper realistic modeling workflow

Basic tools for modeling in Maya/3ds Max and ZBrush

UVW unwrap techniques

Q & A


Day 2

Texturing workflow for hyper realistic model

Importance of texture map e.g. diffuse, specular, reflection, displacement, etc….

Production approach of texturing and lighting for games and films.

Feedback process

Importance of student demo reel and studio expectation from the students.

Q & A



What you will gain from the session?

The session will help students comprehend realistic modeling fundamentals. It will provide an insight on realistic modeling, texturing and presentation of the same along with production tips and tricks.





Romell Chopraa
Romell Chopraa is a Senior Character artist & 3D Concept Designer residing in the capital of INDIA, New Delhi. He is a Post Diploma holder and a Pass-out in Advance program of 3D Animation in Game Design from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC). Having over 11 years of experience working in the video game industry / Prototype industry as a senior character artist with a focus on Character Designing, modeling and sculpting. He has created characters and prototypes for games and Commercial industry including PRIME 1 Studios, XM Studios and Dark Horse Comics which follows some of the prominent Licensed IPs from Marvel and DC. Batman vs Superman (Movie) Prototype, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Skyrim, Star wars prototypes, Zelda Skyward sword etc. Presently, Romell is a Freelance Senior Character Artist and Concept Designer for collectibles industry, games and cinematic industry. In his free time Romell kitbashes vinyl figures and designing mechanical robotics, Always try to find the most significant and the fast way to achieve dramatic results with his modeling, texturing and rendering skills including Keyshot, Chases his dream plans, always love to sculpt different forms and silhouettes in his favorite z brush.