Matte Painting


Matte Painting focuses on the aspect of background elements for visual effects (VFX), 3D animated films, and games. Matte painters create set extensions to supplement 3D elements. In modern times, Matte Painting is an integral part of 3D animation and VFX pipeline.


This course progresses from the ideation phase, to the conceptual phase, and concludes with the execution of a matte painting project. This course is designed bearing in mind the five components, namely, Concept, Perspective, Tone, Texturing, and Camera projection.


This course covers the aspect of creating realistic and dynamic backgrounds using photo references and painting techniques using Photoshop.

Day 1

  •          Introduction
  •          Speaker introduction and Showcase
  •          Introduction to Matte painting
  •          Importance of Matte painting
  •          Uses of Matte painting
  •          Expectation from a matte painting artist
  •          Matte Painting with 3D render 

    o   Research based on Directors brief

    o   Idea on paper

    o   Referencing as per the brief using hi res photo library

    o   Detailing the scene (Blocking, Perspective, Relative scale)

    o   Matching the Color palette

    o   First level refinement

    o   Feedback and correction

    o   Final color grading/correction

    o   Ready to release

 Day 2

  •          Creating 3D Projection of Matte for VFX shot 

    o   Ideation based on the brief

    o   Analyzing the live plate

    o   Gathering the reference

    o   Building the scene ((Blocking, Perspective, Relative scale)

    o   Layer management and export to compositing software

    o   3d camera Projection setup

    o   Look enhancement using live or cg objects

    o   First level refinement

    o   Feedback and correction

    o   Final color grading/correction

    o   Ready to release


  •        Advantages and Disadvantages of Matte Painting
  •          Q & A
  •          Studio expectation from a matte painting artist


What you will gain from the session?


This session will help students get an insight of Matte Painting with focus on the advanced techniques used in the VFX industry. It is a skillful and artistically demanding technique that seamlessly integrates into a scene using digital painting techniques and 3D render as a base. This session also throws light on the final execution of matte painting in the project pipeline thereby covering concepts of layer-based and 3D camera projection setup.

Amit Nitore - Matte Painting and Concept Artist
Amit Nitore, a team lead at Contiloe Pictures Private Limited, is an experienced Matte Painting artist. He comes with a lot of experience in this field of art. He began his career in the year 2011. His varied work experience ranges from mythology to television serials, Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Mahabaratha, Devon ke Dev, Manjhi the Mountain man, The Mummy, are some of the movies where Amit has played a wonderful role as a Matte Painter and bagged accolades. Talking about his educational background, he has attained a diploma in Electronics and Telecom Engineering along with a diploma in animation.