Magic of Motion Graphics

Course Overview:

This course covers fundamentals of Motion Graphics and Visual enhancement using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D software with small motion graphics example. It is also covers various broadcast standard for TV channels. As a part of this course, motion graphics started from ideation to complete motion graphics process along with feedback mechanism. It is also include basic sound integration process.


Day 1


·         Speaker Introduction

·         Introduction of motion graphics

·         Type of Broadcast Graphics (Offline and Online)

·         Commonly used terminology for broadcast industry

·         Motion Graphics Examples

·         Motion Graphics Vs. Animation

·         Types of motion graphics

·         Introduction of Cinema 4D

·         Case Study – News channel

·         Q & A


Day 2


·         Channel workflow to finalize motion graphics

·         Broadcast standard for TV channel

·         Why Cinema 4D for motion graphics

·         Case study – Sports channel

·         Expectation from the channel for the students

·         Q & A


What you will gain from the session?

At the end of this session you will able to make motion graphics for the various purposes e.g. TV channels, Films, Games, Info graphics, etc… It is also includes tips and trick for the Cinema 4D and After Effects to make motion graphics. You can also learn the various terminology of the broadcast industry along with workflow of channel’s motion graphics.


Bikram Meher
Bikram Meher Motion Graphics Artist Alston Elliot – Mr Bikram Meher, is currently functioning as Motion Graphics Designer for Alston Elliot India Pvt LTD, He has been working in broadcast industry for a whopping 11 years having worked with leading graphic production houses like WT Vision, NDTV worldwide etc. he has been responsible for creating out of the box design solutions for major clients like BBCI, NDTV worldwide, News 24, and PSL. He has a variety of projects to his credit, some of them include Independent Cup 2017, Under 19 World Cup Packaging, News at 8PM (for News 24), T10 League etc.