Insights of Mobile Game Design

We have all played and enjoyed our favorite mobile games, but how do the designers actually design them? What are the basic elements of game design? How do designers create an exciting addictive experience for the player? What about quick prototyping of game and iterating the designing process?

This course explores all these questions covering various aspects of mobile game design like ideation, pre-production, prototyping, production and publishing.

This course also covers the beyond release live-operations process for a mobile game in which a designer need to design the up-gradation for a game based on the performance report and user feedbacks.

This course is helpful for students to make them understand the complete mobile game designing process and guide them to make a successful career in game designing.


  • Speaker introduction and Showcase.
  • Various aspects of Game Designing
    • Primary Target Audience
    • Market Research
    • Greenlight Process:
      • Concept, R & D and Prototyping
      • High level Game Design Document (GDD)
      • Style Guides
    • Pre-Production:
      • Lockdown Vision Statement
      • Fleshed out GDD
      • Design Scope
    • Production:
      • Iterations in Design
      • Development - Programming, 3D and 2D Art, Sound, etc.
      • Testing
    • Post-Production:
      • Testing
      • Soft-Launch
      • Player Data collection and analysis
      • Polishing
      • Deployment
      • Marketing
      • Gold Master (GM) Release
  • Development processes of a new mobile game
    • Case study of an experimental casual action games from scratch.
    • Overview of the Production process.


  • Beyond Release: (Live-operations)
    • Data Analysis to determine Target KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
    • Quick Production cycle with gradual tweaks to improve Target KPIs
  • Live-operations of a mobile game
    • In-depth concept of Live-ops
    • Data Driven Design
    • Data Analysis
    • Quick Production cycle
    • Differences between Live-ops and New Development in terms of process
    • Differences between Live-ops and New Development in terms timeline
  • Q & A
  • Studio expectation from a Game Designer

What you will gain from the session?

This MAACINAR exclusive session will help students to understand the entire mobile game designing process from the scratch. It will provide an insight on the technical flow for the mobile game design on various aspects like pre-production, production, post-production, and live operations beyond release.


Mr. Rohit Suvarna
A passionate Game Designer with 8 years of experience in the Mobile Games Industry. He has worked in various domains of Gaming and Multimedia sectors, Rohit is associated with many high-profile IPs like WWE, Pacific Rim, Real Steel and Cartoon Network. Currently I am working as the Lead Game Designer at Reliance Games Pvt. Ltd. A Diploma holder in Digital Character Animation from Vancouver Film School, Rohit as a Game Design Lead, has the experience of creating various Concepts and Prototypes in the early stages of development.