Blender - The Next Big Thing




The aim of the course is to get students familiar with Blender, a free and open-source 3D animation package. It will take students through how this small community backed software is taking long strides in providing professional 3D solutions for users around the world. The course makes users’ familiar with the software, its various features, and how it compares to various software in the industry.


Day 1


My experience with Blender


Introduction to Blender


Concept of open-source


Current application of Blender in 3D industry


3D animation in Blender

       Next gen

       cosmos laundromat

       Naughty 5


2D animation in Blender

       Glass half



Vfx using Blender

        Tears of steel


Motion Graphics

       Animation nodes

       Point cloud



Day 2

Orientation to the Blender workspace

UI Demonstration and examples of;


       Modeling and sculpting

       Rigging and animation

       Shading and rendering

       Compositing & editing

       Camera and Object tracking

       Resources and other extras

       Real-time rendering in v 2.80


Why Blender?


Limitations in using Blender


Q & A


What you will gain from the session?

The session will provide students with an in-depth understanding of Blender. It is aimed at making them more familiar with this upcoming 3D package.

Mr. Ajit Nair
Ajit Nair Founder and Director – Vivify Animation & Film Studio I am an avid blender user since 2008. I have produced a 100 minutes feature film titled "Naughty 5" using only Blender and Gimp. I have worked along with Blender foundation on the Gooseberry project. I have worked with clients worldwide; some of them include Cartoon Network UK and Boing TV. Presently I am setting up and supervising a production team for IMGenie digital Pvt. Ltd. to deliver content for clients as well as original content.