Behind the Scenes – VFX Workflow

Behind The Scenes - VFX Workflow


Visual Effects (VFX) is an essential part of Bollywood and Hollywood movie making process. Any superhero movies or science fiction films are incomplete without VFX.

Students will be introduced to the complete VFX pipeline (pre-production, shooting, and post-production). This course will also include management of shooting crew and latest industry techniques for VFX shoot. This in-depth knowledge will provide students a good idea in planning and pursuing their career and choosing a discipline that matches to their aptitude.

Day 1

Speaker introduction and showcase

·        Fundamentals of necessary visual effects practices

·        How I achieved the shots - analysis of shots

·        Pre-Production of VFX

·        Taking the crew in confidence to plan the VFX

·        VFX Shooting process 

o   What you should be careful about - Lighting - Composition - Staging

·        Things that matter in achieving high quality standards

o   Thinking beyond Computer - Aesthetics

·        Example 1 – Production pipeline for VFX Shots

o   Rotoscopy and Cleanup process

o   Camera Matchmoving

o   3D asset with lighting and rendering

o   Compositing process

o   QC and feedback

·        Q & A


Day 2

Example 2 – Multiple VFX shots

o   QC process for roto, clean up, Camera Matchmoving, and Compositing

·        Career Guidance - Entering into the Visual Effect industry

·        Creating your showreel - Dos and Donts

·        What your interviewer would like to hear from you?

·        How can you become a leader?

·        The leadership path in VFX - What you should do to climb the ladder?

·        Current trends of Visual Effects industry - Culture in Hollywood studios in India vs Culture in Bollywood studios

·        Q & A


What you will gain from the session?

Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the working of the VFX industry. Students get to see the structured workflow of various VFX shots, right from Planning, Shooting, Executing, Composting work-flow, Quality check process and Delivery structure. They get to know the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood projects and the methodology each adopts in delivering shows.



Indranil Roy
INDRANIL ROY - Creative Director / Visual Effects Director Indranil is an industry veteran with 25 years in the field of motion picture visual effects. As Visual Effects Director / Supervisor he has collaborated with film, advertising and television crews to provide creative and technical solutions to visual effects content. He has worked on numerous projects for Bollywood, Bengali, Marathi and Telugu features like Rangrasia, 1920, Horn OK Please, Break Ke Baad, Gattu, Guerrilla, Magadheera, Hiralaal, etc. He has also worked upon television commercials for numerous national and international brands like Coca Cola, Lux, Berger Paints, Surf Excel, Eveready, ITC, Tata Steel, Reynolds Pen, Incredible India, Mitsubishi Pencil, Vim, Linc Pen, Castrol, Araldite, Aircel, Parle, Glucon D, etc.. Indranil is currently working as Creative Head / Visual Effects Director, Visual Effects Department, Contiloe Pictures, Mumbai. He has spearheaded planning and execution of projects having an assorted range of budgets and timelines