Making a Career out of Designing Games

Gaming is the latest trend. Everyone is always engaged by a game, either on their smartphones or on their laptops or on a gaming console. But for serious enthusiast it is more than just a past time.

Gaming and game designing is the latest career trend. Game designing is the process of creating an elaborate set of rules & mechanism in an animated environment, which ensures smooth facilitation between player(s) and server. It can be used for the purpose of entertaining and educating.

Game designing has become a source of career opportunity for everyone involved in animation. There are various fields in which specialization can be done. They are broadly classified into three categories – game designers, game artists and game programmers.

Game designers

A game designer is usually responsible for creating a character, story world setting, story, script, dialogue etc. They work with a team of people who develop the game from the start to the finish, and also keep updates and implement them in the design as and when necessary. A game designer has to work with the following people:

  •  Mechanics designers: Also known as systems designers, mechanical designers make the rules and principles to be followed in the game. They are responsible for maintaining the balance in the game play and checking the rules from time to time.
  • Lead designers: They work in liaison with all the departments involved in game development. They make final decisions on the game choices, scripts to be implemented, introduction of new characters etc.
  • Writers: They are usually responsible for writing the story, script, dialogues, game tips, narration, menu, credits or introduction etc. They have to be up to date with the developments of the game so that they don’t miss out on anything that needs a description. Good writing skills, diction, vocabulary and grammar are a must.
  • Level designers: They are responsible for designing the levels of the game. It includes missions, environments, and special quests during the game.

Game artists

Games provide opportunities for artists to exercise their creative ability in both 2D & 3D. Drawing, painting, colouring, animation skills or anything related to art is an advantage for this field. Any of the below people can become a game artist.

  • Concept artists: They are involved in maintaining the visual presentation of the game. They work with the designers to create characters, environment and all things related to the look and feel of the game. Maintaining consistency of the visual style is their priority. Knowledge of drawing and some image editing software is an advantage.
  • Modellers: These people are responsible for modelling the characters in a 2D or 3D environment. They make sure that the characters respond in the required way and remain true to their features. Knowledge of software such as Autodesk Maya and Blender is beneficial.
  • Animators: Their responsibility is to create a believable working of character and environment. In short, they bring motions to the characters of the game.
  • Art directors: They have the final say in implementing and approving the designs for the game.
  • Other fields: There are many other fields one can choose from which ranges from technical artists to cinematic artists & environmental artists. People specialise in the field as per their choice and move up the career ladder.

Game programmers

Programming is a vital aspect of game designing. Right from the introduction of credits to the strategies involved to the climax of the game, a programmer is responsible to make the game act, based on the actions of the user. They make sure that the game experience is delivered as per customer expectation. There are three broad specialisations in this area.

  • Graphics programmer: They are responsible for 2D & 3D modelling and ensuring maximum graphic optimization. They need to be highly skilled with expertise as they can make or break the user experience.
  •  Network programmer: They are responsible to maintain the network synchronisation, network security, client server, database management etc. This has evolved due to the increase in the number of multi player online games.
  • Artificial intelligence programmer: They develop the premise and logic of the game and decide how the game should act in certain situations. This area too is booming due to advancement of technology and intelligent users.

 On path to become a game designer 

Anyone with the right skills, training and motivation can become a game designer. However, there are a few key points that one should remember:

  • Game development can be a long and tedious process based on the complexity of the game. To become a game designer, a person needs to have passion & patience to be involved in the process of development.
  • Creativity & technical brilliance are a must for navigating issues while making the game.
  • Given the detailing involved in designing a game, to have a career in this field requires right training and guidance from professional experts.
  •  A certification from a reputed institute is a must. An individual can learn to be an animator or programmer and specialise in a field of their choice.

Mobile phones have become a source of entertainment. Starting from Candy Crush to Angry Birds, gaming has moved to a whole new level. Mobile app development is also creating new job opportunities. Put together, television, computer, and mobile phones, have increased the demand for animators, programmers, app developers and game designers alike. Hence, game designing becomes a lucrative career opportunity more than ever.


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