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Top 10 website designs & layouts

Published on October 17, 2014, by in Graphics.

Last month we shared with you some top website design trends that are currently in-demand. Following that post, we received a lot of requests to showcase some latest designs. So here is our list of the top ten websites that have set benchmarks in terms of their overall design and layout. Names for Change  The Urban Ministries of Durham, in their mission to help homeless people by connecting them to food, clothing and shelter, have set up a website that has vivid colours and an innovative layout. The site is intuitive, organised and has an artistic feel to it. With this website, the ministry proved that the government can be fun too. Village  Designed by the Union of ten type foundries, who have decided to come together to work as a conglomerate, the website is a feature in clean design, making colourful use of white space. Marcello Pisano A graphic


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