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Five movies that could not have been made without VFX

Published on June 1, 2015, by in Career Guidance, VFX.

Visual effects form an integral part of production process of any movie today. Whether it is a cutting edge science fiction, or a simple romantic comedy, the art of visual effects are put to use in all movies. But sometimes the work is so good that it is almost impossible to make out the difference. A good VFX work creates the illusion that the movie was shot in reality. But it is actually the effort of the visual effects team that brings the film to life. Today we look at top five Bollywood hits that may never have been made if visual effects had not been invented. Chennai Express SRK’s hit romantic comedy has nothing to do with the Indian Railways but everything to do with the Red Chillies VFX team. It is easy to assume that the production was filled with outdoor shoots, with repeated sequences in trains. But



Top 5 Bollywood films that have used VFX effectively

Published on April 29, 2015, by in VFX.

We mostly associate visual effects with big bomb blasts, plane crashes & superhero films. Taking a step ahead, we often believe that only Hollywood uses visual effects, with Bollywood rarely following the trend with movies like Ra. One. But what we don’t know is that most Bollywood films today use special effects to achieve believable scenes & thrills. On an average, a big budget Bollywood film uses anywhere between 500 to 1500 VFX shots. In this post we will go behind the scenes of a few popular movies that have used VFX extensively. Dhoom 3 A bigger surprise than Aamir Khan’s double-role in this Yash Raj thriller was the fact that almost all the action scenes were shot with extensive help from the visual effects department. From Aamir running down the bank wall to Abhishek Bachchan twirling an auto rickshaw in mid-air, VFX was employed to shoot all the thrilling


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