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The Top Ten Games of All Times

Published on July 31, 2014, by in Gaming.

Gaming  is the new in-thing for people of all ages. Be it on your laptop or your smartphone, games are the most addictive element. But gaming has a strong history where generations have grown up playing some of the most memorable games of our generation. Here is our list of the top ten games of our times. Pac-Man When Namco released Pac-Man in the year 1980, no one would have imagined that it would go on to sell more than seven million copies worldwide and become the bestselling video game up until that time. The game used a modest 4KB ROM cartridge, chosen for its lower manufacturing costs, which required a simple Zilog Z80 CPU microprocessor.     Super Mario   Super Mario Bros. is a cross-platform video game developed by Nintendo. The game has been called the greatest game of all time, as it aided in resurrecting a near-dead


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