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Latest techniques in 2D and 3D animation

Published on October 6, 2014, by in Animation.

When Walt Disney released his first five-minute film, Steamboat Willie, he never imagined that his cel-based animation would form the basis of an entire industry, committed to experimenting with and encouraging new styles in 2D and 3D animation. Since then the industry has grown, both in scope of application and importance in a variety of fields such as entertainment, education, medicine, commerce, and even defense. Several institutions, funded by both the government and private sectors, head various labs for the development of innovative techniques to bring objects to life on 2D and 3D screens. The recent advancements in computer technology have now made it possible to create facial animation that cannot be distinguished from practical photography. In the early days, the characters’ faces were nothing more than hand-drawn painting sequences of images to create the illusion of movement. However, modern research and development of computer graphics has led to a


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