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How Star Trek created visual effects history

Published on July 28, 2016, by in VFX.

Star Trek remains one of the most popular television & movie franchise till date. Generations have grown up watching this intergalactic science fiction. Besides the story, performances, and iconic characters, its popularity is largely due to its mind-blowing special effects. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that Star Trek created visual effects history. With the release of Star Trek Beyond this week, we thought of taking a look at how this popular series created VFX history in #ThrowbackThursday. Source: Paramount Pictures Models & glitter It goes without saying that the 1960s was not very technologically advanced. However, that did not stop writers & production studios from imagining big. Even at this point there were ideas of special effects. But this was the period of miniatures, matte paintings on glass & optical compositing on real film. And it all began with Star Trek: The Original Series. The number


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