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VFX Breakdown of Interstellar

Published on March 18, 2015, by in Animation, VFX.

Compared to previous Christopher Nolan films, Interstellar didn’t garner much interest amongst the movie-going audience. However, no one could deny the impact of the spectacular images. And this led to the Best Visual Effects Category award at the Oscars. The film was appreciated for its depiction of space and related phenomena. What very few people know is that many of the space visuals, including the centerpiece black hole, are the most accurate depictions of such occurrences ever shown in a film. This post celebrates the outstanding visual effects depicted in this Oscar winning film. Source: Interstellar Movie From the very beginning, director Christopher Nolan & writer Jonathan Nolan wanted to explore real scientific possibilities when they sat down to script Interstellar. A black hole, by definition, is an area of the space-time continuum where gravity prevents anything from escaping, including light. The makers of the movie decided that they would


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