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Movies that led to the creation of new techniques in the special effects industry

Published on November 28, 2014, by in Graphics, VFX.

Movies have always tested the limits of technology and pushed boundaries to discover new technologies. Every year, big production houses pour in millions of dollars to explore the latest developments that technology has to offer, especially in the field of animation and VFX. But some of these movies not only explore new techniques, they bring about a paradigm shift in the way special effects are handled in the industry on the whole. This brings about a buzz of activity in the industry as the new technology is refined by subsequent production teams and is finally brought into the mainstream. In this post, we celebrate five such movies that have single-handedly brought about a change in the special effects industry. Tron: Legacy Even though the new CGI technology was used only during the first twenty minutes, Tron was one of the first movies ever to make use of digital animation with


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